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Another leg of business is connectivity via internet to your local network vis satelitte equipment, ruggedized laptops and other needed equipment is part of that. Secure and non-secure lines.

Depending on your needs we can offer different satelite equipment, airtime and 24/7 support

click at the pictures and you get pdf with more info.

Handheld: IsatPhone Pro: isatphone IsatPhone2: isatphone2Iridium Extreame: Iridium extreame

connect anywhere:connect anywhere

Docking stations is available

If your organisation feel its needed of safety reasons to track your staff when they are in field, then we do have the solution, send for tracking info

Landmobile broadband: comparison guide: coparison guide BGAN

Power your terminal and laptop:

Ruggedized laptops:

Mobile offices/first responder kits:responder kit