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Welcome to UnatSolar

Power & Communication Beyond Borders

When ever you are or what ever you do in remote areas, you will need electricity.

In remote areas we all know generators and diesel is very costly. UnatSolar can help you with cost savings, with products and solutions who is easy to bring with you, easy to setup and use. And scaleable if you need more power for staying in temporary camps for a while. We also combine sun and wind into solutions which still is easy for you to setup.

UnatSolar manufactor and distribute different powersolutions globally.

Foldable solar panels for civilian and military battery chargers.

The UnatSolar portable power pack is a solar-energised power generator for your mobile power needs. Any mobile satellite phone, Explorer, Iridium, Hughes, Sabre can be recharged with our foldable solar panels, With our foldable power panels, you only need few hours to recharge your battery. Emergency power kits. Military standard approved.

We also build up power solutions by your demand or wishes, from few hundred watts up to what ever you need. A standard 20" container powersolution from us, ready to unpack and setup can generate 30KW/H ready to distribute 400/230/110V

You are guaranteed the highest portable efficiency, silent power, a reduced fuel load, energy independence and an alternate / back-up power source.